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The alanon phone "bridge" meeting schedules are listed below:

These phone "bridge" meetings are like conference calls to Alanon phone meetings in  the USA. They are in English, unless otherwise specified. There is no charge except the long distance charge by your phone company. To enter the meeting, dial the phone number and enter the access code prior to the time of the meeting. After many meetings, there are "after meetings" for additional sharing time. All times are eastern standard time. If there is no chair person you can access the format for the meeting from the website and act as temporary stand-in chairperson for that meeting.

There is a recorded announcement of meeting schedules on
712-432-8774   access 52639#

line 1-     Main bridge  712-432-8733    access  52639# 

schedule is at bottom of this page or

(then click on the smile faces  to get meeting formats)

line 2-          213-342-3000 access 32106#
Spanish language meeting:
9 pm  7 days a week

line 3-             712-432-8818   access  8888#
                                           schedule is below. Formats are available by
clicking the "link" to the right of each meeting:
line 4-          712-432-8773 access 52639#
                                     3 PM   7 days a week
all eastern time

Mon    11 Am             4th step
             3 pm               Reaching for personal freedom

Tue.     3 pm               step study

Wed    3 pm                blueprint for progress
            7 pm                4th step

Thurs   11 am
             3 pm                Alanon Forum Magazine

Fri       3 pm                slogans

Sat       11 am              daily readings  and sharing
             3 pm               blueprint for progress  

Sun       3 pm               Steps 1,2,3 beginners meeting   


line 5-        712-432-8773 access 52630#
New number       712-432-0075   access    507988#
 12  midnight eastern 7 days a week 
Reaching for Personal Freedom

-   -  -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -    -   -   -   -    -   -   -   -   -   -    -   -   -    -   -   
8818   bridge    
( sister bridge- or second english language bridge)

schedule line 3             712-432-8818   access  8888#            schedule is below. Formats are available 
by  clicking the "link" to the right of each meeting:

830AM - 11th Step meeting         
6 PM -    Reading and Sharing      
10PM - Progress Not Perfection   

7 AM - One day at a time              
830AM - 11th Step meeting                 http//
9 45am -  STEP  study              
6 PM - Steps One, Two, Three       
9 pm -  STEP  study                     
10PM - Blue print for Progress        

830AM - 11th Step meeting        
9 45am -  STEP  study                  
6 PM -      Communication             
10 PM –    gratitude                       

830AM - 11th Step meeting           
9 45am -  STEP  study              

10:15  AM - 11th Step meeting       
6 PM –         Acceptance       
10 PM –   Discovering Choices   

7 AM -  Topic of the Month Meeting    
8:30AM - 11th Step meeting       
9 45am -  STEP  study            
6 PM    - Topic meeting                
10PM - Blue print for Progress          

7AM -    Just For Today             

830AM - 11th Step meeting        

9 45am -  STEP  study          
6 PM -    Serenity Prayer            
10PM - Detachment Meeting      

830AM - 11th Step meeting     
10 AM - beginners meeting      
PM -   11th Step meeting         
10PM - Step of month Meeting 

PLEASE NOTE: changes 
If you don't receive a response - please send your email again. 
Apologies for delays posting updates. We are an all volunteer staff,  and try to  update the blog monthly. If you  do not see the changes your group requested please send them again.
Thank you for your patience.

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Main bridge        712 432 8733     (access 52639#)
Formats for the meetings below are available by clicking on the smile faces at: 

Meeting times: 

Mon     6am, 9AM, 12 noon, 4PM, 8PM, 10PM, 12 midnight
Tue      6am, 9AM, 12 noon, 4PM, 8PM, 10PM
Wed     6am, 9AM, 12 noon, 4PM, 8PM
Thurs   6am, 9AM, 12 noon, 4PM, 8PM, 10PM, 12 midnight
Fri        6am,9AM, 12 noon, 4PM, 8PM, 10PM
Sat       6am, 8am,10am,12 noon, 2pm, 4pm, 6pm, 8pm, 10pm 
Sun      6am, 8AM, 11 AM,   2PM, 4PM, 8PM, 10PM

There are often additional meetings on holidays. Click link below  to see holiday schedule:

Formats for the above meetings  are available by clicking on the smile faces at: 
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  2. We need to do something so that Al Anon meetings are not vandalized/hacked. Who can we contact to make reports and complaints on the behaviors that are going on at the meeting, please?

    1. I assume you are referring to the apparently deliberate annoyance calls causing interference and distraction during the meetings. This blog is for alanon information only and not part of the structure of the various phone lines. However, we have observed that there seems to be a process already in place. Some meeting chairpersons call for an immediate group conscience vote if an individual unmutes and deliberately causes distraction or interference 3 or more times during the meeting. If the group conscience vote to block the individual (and for what duration -up to 3 months) is passed, someone is contacted and the process is begun. Sorry we do not have the information of who to contact. One volunteer suggested with all the new lines just moving the meeting to a different line that would cause no time conflict with other meetings on that other line. That is a matter of group conscience however. HP blessings.

  3. Thank you for this website. Very helpful.

    1. you are very welcome.
      Hp blessings
      -vol staff

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  6. Midnight meeting pin number is changed to 507988#
    Please update it

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  8. Who do I contact if I want to start a new phone meeting?

  9. MY experience strength and hope is to get a format and group of people who will show up and share the chairing of the meeting. u can do it for three months and maybe a bit more and then pass it. by then the meeting should have new people and others can chair the meeting. We are trusted servants we do not govern- If no one else can chair and it is just u running it- is a real meeting?

  10. Hi. Advice needed. all companies that I have tried are now blocking the 712 access number. How can I get around this ! Used to call regularly but now can't get through at all x